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Weird Pattern

This is a small thought I mentioned to my friend Blaine a few months ago and it still kinda makes me wonder… It was about the strangeness of how most the ppl I’ve been really close to over my life, that were either a really good friend to best friend status, have had birthdays from the 20th day or before of the following months: Feb, Mar, Sep, & Oct. (Meaning their bdays fell between: February 1-20th & March 1-20th/ September 1-20th & October 1-20th) Almost every single one I became close buds with followed this pattern I didn’t know I had throughout my entire life besides 3 or 4 exceptions. But another funny thing is that every girl I ever officially dated…none of their birthdays fit into that pattern. Lil odd.


Today my mom was going through family photos and found ones of my  older brother and I sledding down our deck stairs after it snowed three feet. Seeing them again reminded me that my brother and I lived like Calvin while our dad was like our Hobbes. 

This is awesome! Me & my cousin used to do somethin like that. And Calvin and Hobbes is one of my favorites :]]]



help me get famous so I can pay for college

I’m okay to look at and sometimes I’m funny

see, here I am trying to be cute on snapchat 

and this is me kissing a little chick

and this is the sick beanie that I will buy you when I’m rich and famous

what do you say?

This is an amazing person. She is strong, independent, beautiful, has a great sense of humor, and a VERY talented writer. She puts me to shame in intelligence & I thought I was a pretty sharp tack. lol There are a lot of interests she’s passionate about so go check out her blog. Like…now.

Awesome concept art for A:AoU!


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