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New system could reduce data-transmission delays across server farms by 99.6 percent!   

A centralized network-management system is truly a long run cost effective/low latency undertaking. Considering what they discuss in the article the scaling of this really is kinda daunting to think about but it’s not my field to say for sure. Despite that though I bet whoever pushes forward & takes up the engineering reins for it…we will be seeing a LOT of companies with these high traffic mass of servers jumping at the chance to acquire their own.

Wow tumblr it has been a while. My job and extracurriculars have kept me quite busy. I’m glad to see all the new shway content being posted. Now for the personals that I’ve missed… To the sad: Dont let that shit get you down because frankly youre just wayyy too powerful to shed those kinda tears or feel that doubt for long. There’s magic inside you. Your own special kind that no one else has. When you light it up its gonna straight up demolish any of that dark you felt like it was flat nothing. To the happy: Damn proud seein that. Keep doing what makes you feel that way with no regrets. In general: Stopping by to say hi with a fist bump and a shout out to never stop being fuckin awesome as always. Love every single person on here. Out!


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