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Wow tumblr it has been a while. My job and extracurriculars have kept me quite busy. I’m glad to see all the new shway content being posted. Now for the personals that I’ve missed… To the sad: Dont let that shit get you down because frankly youre just wayyy too powerful to shed those kinda tears or feel that doubt for long. There’s magic inside you. Your own special kind that no one else has. When you light it up its gonna straight up demolish any of that dark you felt like it was flat nothing. To the happy: Damn proud seein that. Keep doing what makes you feel that way with no regrets. In general: Stopping by to say hi with a fist bump and a shout out to never stop being fuckin awesome as always. Love every single person on here. Out!


Journey to Good Will

I was born from a positive light but was beaten cynical since I could walk. Stumbled along the straight & narrow tryin to wear perfect shoes tyin knots into my faults; workin and learnin everything to obtain midas touch no matter where I laid my hand. Got lost on the golden path and became a destroyer reincarnated from abandon and driven by anger. Attempting to make my path righteous I curbed it but couldn’t see what glittered waiting on my fingers anymore so I pursued to develop it in others. Praising, affectionate, and wanting better for any that would hear or feel a heartbeat but broke my leg in the crack of self-importance on this deviated road. Expecting loyalty just because I gave it I was roundin my way to zero hour once again. Then came the programming and cockiness of knowing the shortcut keys. Experimenting in social interactions; acting out roles through scientific methods and 100 step plans. Leaving no emotion left but the desire of producing a result. Just when my automation became all encompassing did I see the thing I’d been trying to create in myself and then others. It was never a prize or a gift. It just was and is. And the walls of the complex came crashing down with but a glance. I will always have love of every friend & stranger I meet no matter their race, sex, religion/nonreligion, or personal preference as long as they don’t bear horrible intentions to another. I am just simply one among billions. There is no popularity, there are no greater individuals than you or I and there is no “them,” “her,” or “him.” There is just you and me and the sharing of this world. If u care only about you making yourself feel better and what people think or only pleasing what or who “matters” to you you have become lost like I was. Turn back now before misery smothers you into ruination. Show kindness to all no matter how hateful u think they seem and come join me. Don’t learn from my mistakes; surpass me and surpass your own. Fame, money, and skill mean nothing compared to good will. Be proud of just being. Breathe happiness from your core in a sweet peace more precious than gold…and one day “you and I” can be billions. <3

A monkey that purrs like a kitten when it’s content as a baby… I can’t. Just can’t deal. How am I supposed to be a hard ass on the job thinkin about this adorable lil f#cker out there?


Caqueta titi monkey - One of ~441 new species of animals & plants discovered in the Amazon over the past 4 years.

So recently these scientists in Germany were able to observe every detailed part of the process of P. syringae’s proteins in their outer membranes triggering crystal formations that allow plants to freeze at much warmer than normal temps. After P.s.’ death these proteins are known to waft up & disperse through the atmo upon which they can alter weather by seeding clouds & precipitation. Truthfully we’ve known about ice-nucleating proteins for years & years but now seeing how they exactly work…are we one foot in the door of atmosphere climate control? Personally I’d just settle for a lovely lil Freeze gun for chuckles & kicks. Heh.

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