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Today my mom was going through family photos and found ones of my  older brother and I sledding down our deck stairs after it snowed three feet. Seeing them again reminded me that my brother and I lived like Calvin while our dad was like our Hobbes. 

This is awesome! Me & my cousin used to do somethin like that. And Calvin and Hobbes is one of my favorites :]]]



help me get famous so I can pay for college

I’m okay to look at and sometimes I’m funny

see, here I am trying to be cute on snapchat 

and this is me kissing a little chick

and this is the sick beanie that I will buy you when I’m rich and famous

what do you say?

This is an amazing person. She is strong, independent, beautiful, has a great sense of humor, and a VERY talented writer. She puts me to shame in intelligence & I thought I was a pretty sharp tack. lol There are a lot of interests she’s passionate about so go check out her blog. Like…now.

Awesome concept art for A:AoU!


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